What is the Jerusalem Stone?

Carved from the very bedrock of Jerusalem, Jerusalem Stone is a centuries-old tradition of mining and crafting the sacred stones of Jerusalem. Beloved by history and admired for its strength and beauty, Jerusalem Stone is a timeless testament to the city's rich and vibrant culture…

The ancient city of Jerusalem
is home to many historic and sacred sites and a rich source of minerals and other natural resources. The area's unique geology has made Jerusalem a source of valuable resources, and many of these minerals have been used to construct some of the world's most iconic buildings and monuments. Archaeologist operations in Jerusalem have continued to the present day, with countless people worldwide seeking out the city's hidden treasures.

Why does Jerusalem's stone consider holy?
Jerusalem is mainly built from ancient Jerusalem stones that have been carefully placed together over hundreds of years, creating a city with unique and stunning architecture. The buildings of Jerusalem are almost like a living history book, with each stone carrying a story of the many different cultures and religions that have dwelled within its walls.

Did you know? The Western Wall is made of Jerusalem stone!

The Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, is a remnant of the ancient wall surrounding the Jewish Temple's courtyard in Jerusalem. It is made of Jerusalem stone, a type of limestone that is indigenous to the area. The Western Wall is a place of pilgrimage for Jews and an important site for visitors of all religions. The wall has been a place of prayer, reflection, and mourning for centuries, symbolizing the Jewish nation's strength, resilience, and faith. It is believed that Jewish prayers uttered at the Western Wall are especially powerful, and many people come here to pray and offer written prayers in the crevices of the wall.

The Western Wall is a reminder of the strength of the Jewish people and their unwavering faith in God.