Simon Bar Jewelry



My name is Simon Bar, I am 40 years old from Ramat Hasharon Israel.
My father is a Silversmith and Antiques Collector. I grew up looking at my father making jewelry and listening amazing stories about the antiques items he purchased around the world. I inherited from him the love and passion for jewelry and antiques.
I traveled around the world (India, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Central and South America and USA) I got inspired by many cultures and customs and I felt in love to an Ecuadorian girl, I married her and now we have two beautiful children.
I have a small studio at home, where I enjoy designing and making jewelry.
My wife helps me with photography , listings and shipping.
My muse is my daughter Liah. She gives me Inspiration, Motivation and Happiness.
I also work in our 38 years old family business located in Tel Aviv.

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