Michal Kirat - Jewelry Designer

Website: https://michalkirat.com/

Every piece of Designer jewelry is personal. Can you feel a person behind this one? My name is Michal Kirat. I hope that with the time you will become familiar with this name.
I was born on the beautiful spring day in a small village in central Israel under the sign of Pisces. I grew up in the country surrounded by nature in all its glory – fields full of wheat, orchards blossoming, winds that can bring the heat of the deserts as well as the fresh ocean air. Birds migrating from the North to the warmer lands before the winter and then passing once again in the spring on the way back. Warm waters of the Mediterranean sea and its ever-changing colors. The colors become important in my life since early childhood. Those were the colors of the blue sky, green fields, and red and yellow flowers in the spring. Orange of the Sun as it is set down the horizon and of the fruits in the orchards. Aquamarine of the Mediterranean, Turquoise of the Dead Sea, and unique Red which appears only for a short time in the waters of the Red Sea. Ever-changing colors of the Sea of Galilee (called in Hebrew Lake Kinneret) Colors of the winter rain clouds. There were also colors of the traditional Yemenite garments made and wearied by my grandmother. Colors of food… I grew up in the atmosphere of Israel in the 60s and 70s. It was time when different cultures brought to the country began to mix and fuse together in what was to become a source of endless creativity almost in each and every field.

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